"The Floral Heart Project has been a complete honor to be part of but I've realized the need for something that can live in many more places at once and permanently. Heartbleed is a digital projection to memorialize those we've lost and it can live anywhere. I want to share it with anyone and everyone that feels compelled to honor those that we have lost."

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"Yesterday a lady who saw nbc 12 came in......  she lost her son and husband. We were able to sit with her in HeartBleed and pull her out of the lonely tunnel of grief for a spell. This is really something important."

Arizona Histroical Society Museum

I loved the presentation in the auditorium I took lots of photos and it was very Healing to stand by the floral heart wreath and beautiful flowers and reflect.

Also to just sit quietly in the auditorium to reflect on the video was just beautiful. 

Arizona visitor


News On Heartbleed

On Monday, two organizations – Marked by COVID and the Floral Heart Project – came together to help Arizonans remember and pay their respects at a public memorial at the Arizona Heritage Center in Papago Park. 

The Arizona nonprofit Marked by COVID partnered with New York artist Kristina Libby, 36, to commemorate those thousands of lost lives with a visual art display called Heart Bleed, which will continue at the center through Saturday. 

Heart Bleed features a 10-minute video that shows one rose petal dropping for each person who has died from COVID-19 in the state. Every two seconds in the video represents one day since the pandemic started last March. As the number of petals increases, they begin to resemble blood, which symbolizes the catastrophic number of COVID-19 deaths in Arizona.

Ms. Libby also created a digital installation, “Heartbleed,” that is on view at SpreadLightNYC, a public art exhibit in TriBeCa, until Feb. 28. In it, a 10-minute video displayed in a window illustrates an accumulation of rose petals, each one representing a life lost to Covid-19 in the United States.

Ms. Libby said she wanted to produce simple artwork that could resonate with all New Yorkers.

“It made sense to use flowers,” she said. “They’re a traditional sympathy gift, and a heart was a very easy symbol for the message I was trying to convey.”

With the pandemic nearing a year in duration, Ms. Libby does not see an end for her floral project. “Grief is a massive burden that I believe will deeply harm our country if we do not help people to heal from it,” she said.



HeartBleed is a digital projection COVID-19 memorial that is FREE to use in your community. Please reach out and we can provide high resolution files and details on how to curate. 

The HeartBleed memorial uses a rose petal for every person lost to COVID-19, timed to each day of loss we've experienced since the start of the year. Every two seconds signifies a day that has passed. 

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