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What began as an art project has grown into a cry to create a national COVID-19 memorial. We need a place to express trauma, to spread community and to ensure we are more prepared for crisis in the future. Can you help?

Our goal is to raise $25,000 and to get 10,000 signatures.


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When we fail to recognize death in our country, it creates continued trauma. We need to publicly acknowledge the COVID-19 victims in order to heal our community.


Create a Floral Heart in Your City

Are you a florist? Floral-inclined? Want to create a floral heart in your city? I'd love to have more floral hearts in cities all over America. We can help.


Floral Heart in Your City

Be part of a community of people who are supporting the creation of a national COVID-19 monument. With this tax deductible non-profit donation amount we can hire a local florist to create a floral garland in your city.



Following trauma incidents, large portions of any population will experience PTSD in the form of heightened anxiety, depression, physical violence and substance abuse. Psychologists predict that 15% of the population or 50 Million Americans could suffer from PTSD following COVID-19. The severity level can be even deeper when people are forced to delay their grief and abstain from funerals, shivas and other mourning traditions. To combat the potential deluge of PTSD, we must show support for those suffering and those lost. 

The Floral Heart Project is an ongoing effort by artist Kristina Libby to help provide healing, compassion and sympathy for those impacted by COVID-19. It began with her research on the potential impacts on society from the pandemic and was furthered with the revealing data that for every person we lose, 2-9 people will experience severe PTSD. Worried about the current state of our country, she felt that we could not withstand this deep psychological wound without help. Her contribution has been to create visualizations of those we have lost and to hold vigils and ritual ceremonies for those suffering as part of the Floral Heart Project. 

The project is meant to be simple for anyone, anywhere to understand. She chose flowers as they are a traditional gift during loss and hearts because they are a simple way to showcase love and support. The hearts have appeared, with the support of 1-800-Flowers,  in Times Square, Bryant Park, Herald Square and iconic locations around New York City and in coming months, will be seen in the US and globally. You can find more about the Floral Heart Project here: www.floralheartproject.com



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"If we do not mourn, we will carry the grief in our hearts and that will hurt us. Recognizing those we have left us, healing ourselves and caring for our community will instead create a richer, happier and healthier world."

Kristina LIbby



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